The Initial Ideas – Past Projects

After three years of studying Digital Media at undergraduate level (alongside other modules) I have been able to explore many mediums of the practice such as:Untitled-5

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Projection Mapping
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Modelling
  • Performance
  • App Design
  • Motion Graphics


And although I enjoyed these formats and the projects they were a part of I feel like I would have little to gain if I was to revisit the areas. I would rather choose a new area to focus my attention, preferably one which I have little to no experience using. During week 1’s group session, we split of into pairs to discuss our ideas, plans and interests in order to help share and develop them. I paired up with Samantha Santos; her idea was to create a 3D modelling application that uses the hands as the tools. She explained that she had done some research and found that she would need 4 Xbox Kinects in order for her idea to work. Therefore I introduced her to the Leap Motion, a hand tracking input that should be perfect for her project instead of the kinects.

In my first year of university I was introduced to the leap motion and didn’t think much of it and then in my third year I saw it in use in conjuncture to a virtual reality headset. From this I saw the potential of the device and really wanted to develop with it; however by this point I was already halfway through the semesters project and had no time to do it. I had actually forgotten about the device until Sam sparked my memory in the session and now that I had remembered it I really wanted to develop with it again.


Image result for leap motionI came up with an quick idea that was to somehow use the Leap Motion as a tool to understand and translate sign language, however upon sharing this idea James Fields explained that a past student had the same idea and as they researched they figured out that there’s already companies trying to create this exact idea and are struggling to do so because sign language isn’t so much what the hands but rather where the hands are doing it in relation to the person. So it was a nice idea but I think it is time to revisit the drawing board.