The Idea – The Magic Ceiling

The Theory:

Step 1 –¬† Remove the ceiling light.

Step 2 – Insert projector into ceiling facing downward.

Step 3 – Mount a reflective hemisphere below projector. Flat side down.

Step 4 – Turn on projector (projection should project in 360 degrees around the top half of the room) The lower the hemisphere the lower the projection.

Step 5 – Map the projection into a circle which covers the hemisphere and removes any excess projection which would otherwise bleed onto the floor.

Step 6 – Map the projection to the shape of the room.

Step 7 – Project content.


Other things that can and should be projected:

  • Notifications
  • Baby Monitor
  • Video doorbell
  • Clock
  • Calandar
  • TV/Videos
  • Photos

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