The Components – Projector

The main component of this project is the projector. Without it the project wouldn’t work and with the wrong type the project would face many problems. Having experience in projection mapping (an example can be seen to the right) will really help this project move forward faster and avoid some problems. I already understand that a laser projector would be ideal for this particular project and these are the main reasons why:

Firstly, lamp projectors require optics to project the image, this mean that these optics have to be  individually focused for each scenario whereas a laser projector projects directly and thus is always in-focus. Because this project features walls and ceilings of varying distances from the projector it would be impossible for a optical projector to be in-focus on each of these areas.

Secondly, the projection needs to be masked into a circular shape to prevent any excess light from bleeding around the edges of the hemisphere and onto the floor. Typically to do this a black mask is placed over the images and this ‘removes’ these areas. However, black is the absence of light and therefore  projectors cannot project it. Optical projectors project a colour a few shades brighter than black and hence this means that you will always end up with a distinct black rectangle when  trying to remove areas of the projection. On the other hand a laser projector can dim/turn off areas of the projection which are black. A laser projector would be more ideal for this reason.

Other benifits of a laser projector are, start up time, no need to replace bulbs/lifetime, lower power consumption and lower maintenace needs.

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