The Components – Reflective Hemisphere

In order for the single projection to be cast 360 degrees around the room a curved mirror is needed. In the first mock-up example I created (seen here to the right), the object I used for the mirror was in fact part of a light fitting, this light fitting is the perfect shape and helps to show that the mirror would not look out of place in a typical home/room, however the reflective finish is dull and rather warped. The chrome finish was made for aesthetics and not for reflection and therefore this light fitting would not be suitable for the project.

To cast the projection without any distortion the surface of the object will need to be smooth and evenly reflective. If you enlarge the photo of the light fitting you can see small imperfections in the reflection where the shape of the dome is not perfect. For this project to work it will need a reflective hemisphere that was designed for reflection and not for decoration. To achieve this I propose using a dome security mirror. These objects are primarily used by stores to allow the storekeeper to keep an eye on customers no matter where in the store they are. Related image


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  1. Hi Shane, I have just read some descriptions about your original idea. It is really interesting, I mean when I was young I always decorated the ceiling based on my funny imagination. And this project can make it come true, children will be fascinated to use it which can spark their creativity.

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