The Project Proposal – The Content

Project Creator: Shane Smith
Project Title: The Magic Sky

Project Aim:
To break down the boundaries of fantasy and reality.

Project Overview:
The idea for this project came straight from the popular classic “Harry Potter” (a fictional book and movie series set in a world where magic is real). Magic makes almost anything possible and in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (a school that teaches magic within the series) the ceiling in the great hall is enchanted to look like the sky outside:

“Harry had never even imagined such a strange and splendid place. It was lit by thousands and thousands of candles that were floating in midair over four long tables, […] Harry looked upward and saw a velvety black ceiling dotted with stars. He heard Hermione whisper, “It’s bewitched to look like the sky outside. I read about it in Hogwarts, A History.” It was hard to believe there was a ceiling there at all, and that the Great Hall didn’t simply open onto the heavens.”
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – J. K. Rowling (1997)

This projects concept is to turn this magical idea into a reality

Project Objectives:
To explore a fantasy themed media text and highlight a “make-believe” artefact.
To design digital media concept(s) to bring the found artefact into reality.
To generate a prototype version of the aforementioned concept.
To discuss possible uses for this device.
To regularly document progress via a University blog.
To produce a critical review of the project.

Project Schedule:
Weeks 1 – 2:         To formulate ideas, discuss ideas and decide upon a final idea to take further.
Week 3:                 To create a project proposal ready to hand-in in week 4.
Weeks 4 – 5:          To design and create a prototype device to demonstrate idea.
Weeks 6 – 8:           To design the digital aspects – projection mapping, content and demo plan.
Weeks 8 -10:          To create a demo video which will exhibit the devices possible uses.
Weeks 11 – 12:        To critically evaluate work completed and discuss how to take it further.

Project Audience:
The Magic Sky is aimed at the smart household/office. Hypothetically there will be endless uses a device such as this, some example uses could be but is not limited to:
To have the ceiling of the room mimic the sky/weather outside,
As a lighting alternative with adjustable brightness, colour and direction,
To project a clock and/or calendar on the wall with live event updates,
To link with a video doorbell to show who is at the door (or linked to CCTV or baby monitor),
To project a TV onto any wall (almost any size) or on the ceiling for in-bed viewing,
To project family photos/artwork/videos anywhere on the wall,
As the technology and software advances the broader the audience will become.

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