The Prototype – First Attempt

IMG_0895At this stage the project is still only a concept and therefore a working prototype needs to be produced in order to move forward. The first prototypes will be scaled down versions of what the final artefact should be. To create this I used a cardboard box, the Sony MP-CL1 laser projector and a reflective domed table lamp.


I cut a hole out of the top of the cardboard box and placed the projector facing downward. I then removed the components of the lamp and placed the bare shell beneath the projector. The projector projected the default display onto the lamp which refracted onto the inside walls of the box. However, even in low light conditions it was hard to see most colours on the inside of box as the dark cardboard absorbed the light from the projector.
Nonetheless I was able to connect the projector to my computer and test how the domed surface distorted the reflection and was able to pre-distort the content so that when it was projected onto the dome it would be undistorted in the reflection. Unfortunately the content was too dark to to be photographed. Another issue I faced was the amount the box twisted and shook with the slightest of movements, therefore moving the projection and distorting the reflection.
To move forward I will need to create a second prototype with a studier box preferably with white walls. Possibly a shelving unit or similar.

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