The Components – The Sphere


While1zez4j working on this project I have come to the understanding that the sphere can be more than that a simple reflective surface. My idea is to implement a light and a speaker into the sphere. This will mean that the room can still be lit without the need for the projector to be turned on. The speaker would also help with the TV mode of the device. One aspect of the Magic Sky allows the user to place a TV on their wall or ceiling at any size in any position or any orientation; the speaker would act as a sound output for any audio accosted with the device, especially the TV/Video content. The bulb and speaker could be connected directly to the projector and be used only by the projector or the speaker and bulb can be smart and be able to be connected to other devices.

The sphere could also feature adjustable height, this would allow the device to lower itself down in order to increase the area of the room that can be projected on.



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