The Components – The Input

In order to calibrate the projection and to add/remove/position content the device needs an input method. I propose a smartphone app. We live in a cell phone culture and almost all devices are now controlled via our smart phones.

When the projector is first turned on it will prompt the user to connect the app via wifi and/or bluetooth. When the app is connected it will start the calibration process. The projector will project a single green vertical line. The app will prompt the user stand in the middle of the room and face the green line and then tap to begin the calibration process. The projector will project a dot onto the wall, to calibrate the device the dots needs to be aligned with the top corners of the room. To move the dot the user will physically move their phone, the gyroscope within the smartphone will detect the movement and react by moving the dot. Essentially the dot will move dependent upon where they point their phone (As if the phone is a magic wand from Harry Potter), when the dot is positioned in the corner the user will tap the screen to confirm the positioning. The user will then repeat these steps for the remaining corners. (If the user struggles with using the gyroscope or their phone doesn’t have the feature they will be able to complete the process by using a onscreen joystick to position the dots)

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