The Concept Video – The Plan

In order to show the the capabilities of the Magic Sky a concept video needs to be produced. The location for the video will be determined at a later date however the location needs to feature a plain white ceiling and plain white walls. For the sake of getting all the content within the parameters of the camera a small room would be ideal. The reflective sphere will also need to be hung from the ceiling or inserted in post-production.

The video will start off with the camera within the room facing the door, a person will enter the room and flick on a light switch, this will turn on the projector and the light within the sphere. The person will stand in the middle of the room and take out their phone. The camera will then be positioned behind the person so the phone screen and the ceiling are in shot. The person will open the Magic Sky app, after a loading screen, a searching screen will appear, the phone will pair with the projector and the app will prompt the user to start first time setup. The person will tap the “start first time setup” button and the screen will display a message saying “Stand in the centre of the room, hold your phone in front of you and face the red line”. The projector will display a thin vertical red line, this will extend from the centre of the ceiling to the edge and down about a quarter of the wall.

The person will face the red line and tap the “Start calibration” button. A red dot will appear on the wall, the app will show “Move the phone to align the dot with any of the top corners of the room then tap next” The person will physically move their phone and the dot on the wall will move relatively.  When the dot is aligned with the corner the person will tap “next”. Another dot will appear and the process will repeat for the next three corners (or it will fade to the next scene). The footage will be filmed anyway as to allow for both possibilities. When the calibration is done the projector will highlight the edges of the room (This is just for show).

The user will then select the “Content menu”, the app will show a variety of options, the person will select the utility menu and then select the clock. A clock will be projected onto the wall and the user will move their phone to position the clock. When they have put the clock in the place they desire the user will then  flick through the styles of clock until they find one they like.

They will add more content this same way.

The closest example of what I plan to create is this video here:

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