The Hand-in – Problems Faced

Kickstarter is a very popular crowdfunding website, it has been a large part of my life – a lot of my previous projects have been inspired by content found on Kickstarter, including the inspiration for this very project – The Eta Clock.

Kickstarter also receives over twice as many monthly visitors than its competitor IndieGoGo – However, since starting the project page I have noticed a few restrictions that I did not expect from such a large organisation. (Although I do understand why they are in place)Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 22.02.55



For example, the main part of the project page is the Product Description, this section has very limited formatting options. There is no option to justify the text (a personal preference of mine as I feel it makes text appear more aesthetically pleasing – e.g this blog). There is also no font editing controls which means that in order to add defined subtitles these have to be image files and finally the photos uploaded have to be the perfect size prior to uploading as there are no scaling tools available. If a photo is too large you have to edit the file and re-upload it, unlike this blog where I can simply drag the transform controls around the edge of the images to resize it.

Form a design perspective this makes the project a little more difficult, if the photos are uneven sizes then it will distract people from the content while also make the project look less professional as you can see from the gif below. (4)However despite its flaws I will still use Kickstarter because the majority of the content I wish to upload is in the form of animated gifs and IndieGoGo does not allow gifs.


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